Missery. . . (Missouri *sheesh*)

That’s how it should be pronounced.  I kid you not– yesterday, the weather was bright and sun-shiny most of the day.  Even got all the way up into the 90s.

TODAY– is a different story.  It rained most of the morning and by the time I posted tonight after work, it was down to 40 degrees.  40 DEGREES?!?

I’ve lived here all my life and I love it here, but I was really looking forward to SPRING. . .

I’m sorry about the complaining.  I don’t usually make posts like this, so I apologize and I won’t make it a habit.  LOL!   Please forgive me, but this is my 5 min. observation for the week.

Oh, well guess I’m glad I hesitated this year on putting out the tomato plants.  My dad kept telling me, “You should have your tomatoes out already.”  (this was back a couple weeks)  I think I’m going to give it the rest of the week and see how it feels Sunday or Monday.  If everything feels OK, I’ll go a head and get them outside. for a couple days.

Hopefully next time I post it will be a little more amusing.

GRRRrrr… dumb weather

CHEERS everyone!

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Poetry Writing Exercise Challenge: PILLOWS

pillowHere’s a fun way I used to spend with my friends to practice my poetry skills.

I would have them pick a random subject or theme with a time limit to think (we started high, like 15 minutes and started reducing the time for thinking as we got quicker and better with practice.  The poem had to express a complete thought about the subject to qualify as a “win”.

So, since I have found new poetry friends, I challenge you to write a quick poem about PILLOWS.  You have only 15 minutes to think about what you are going to recite (write).  Has to be a minimum of 3 lines (a Haikou will work too).  And must be a complete thought about the challenge subject — PILLOWS.

All submissions are welcome just put them into the comments section of this post, and if this gets popular enough I might start awarding prizes.  🙂

Good Luck to you all I hope you have fun with this challenge.

Peasant to Knight – by D. Hellm

The sun was shining bright one day.
I think it was about the middle of May.
When down the road I spotted,
two men in armor on horses who trotted.
One horse was black, the other white and gray dotted.
Their armor was gleaming and bright,
in it they looked imposing in their might.


To the road from under the branches
I stepped out and hailed them taking my chances.
“Good day to you Sirs.” I said with a wave.
They both stopped their horses and looked very grave.
“What do you want, you wretched knave?”
Said the other, “Come on hurry up we haven’t all day.
Hurry, hurry and say what you have to say.

Obsession Beyond Death – by D. Hellm (Edgar Allen Poe)


Greedily they raced their horses.

Across the muddy rock strewn courses.

Down the hill they fought and scrabbled,

a motley crew some serious rabble.

The first to tumble, his horse had stumbled

and down he went to create a jumble.

The others raced a deadly game– all to get some instant fame.

Two were down thought the leaders–

only three left to shame.

Then I will have the acclaim.


On the turf the horses pounded,

passed the stand, crowd astounded.

Sweating tears and blood they went jockeying for the fence.

Flogging them they drove them on

sweating, pounding, being driven beyond.

The leader drops to the sand, his jockey flying to crash-land.

The last two saw him fall to no man’s land.

And saw the end close at hand.

There they saw it, the grandstand.


Across the wire neck and neck they trekked.

Still down the course they whipped each horse.

Furiously they pounded both of them still hounded.

They never glanced, but at the courses as they sat their dark race horses.

And still they race not forgotten by some driving force:

‘Tis the ghosts of rider’s past

only this and nothing more.

Theives in the Night – by D. Hellm


Deep below.  Under the earth,

there was laid a horrible curse.

Asleep it lies with rested head,

closed its eyes, with wings not spread.

Cold as stone its scales were red.

Asleep it lies in this dark cavern

and this is how, you shall learn.


It was that day,  dark and stormy

the trees they bent and none could see.

Four warriors around the table sat.

A mage, a barbarian who cursed and spat,

an elven rogue, and a woman– like a wildcat.

They argued and cursed under their breath.

Just why– WHY they should go to their death.


They argued far into the night

departing at last with dawn’s first light.

Far into the mountains they went,

the tension was great that they spent.

An opening was found, so they started their descent.

The darkness deepened so torches were lit,

(They were all glad from that benefit.)


Heavy breathing and a glow up ahead.

Fear lay thick, silent, unsaid.

Towards the heat the party crept

their fear so great they nearly wept.

Thankfully– the dragon slept.

It was like a red mountain, heaving and sighing

and able to cover the sun without even trying.


All though spotted was a better prize–

Glittering and shining a mountain of gold the same size.

Greedily towards it they ran.

Momentarily forgetting their weapons in hand,

they picked up gold and sifted it like sand.

With a gasp the woman dropped her share.

As the dragon awoke, all she could do was stare.


Blue flame erupted singeing everyone’s hair

The red dragon challenged them with a glare.

All pandemonium broke loose

and they tried to vamoose

unfortunately, it was all to no use.

The mage was the only one,

with enough sense not to run.


While all his partners towards the exit ran

he turned, stopped, and held out his hand.

The dragon’s head wide open cracked like a whip.

It snapped shut its mouth, crunching the barbarian like a chip.

At same time smashing the elf flat and breaking his hip.

The dragon contemplated briefly and paused,

before ripping the woman apart with his claws.


The spell caster finished his verse,

producing his most powerful curse.

As the spell left his hand his face was grave.

The spell hit the dragon like a shock-wave.

As the dragon fell, the magi left the cave.

Knowing that the dragon slept was great.

But, knowing that dragons were back was a more horrifying fate.